‘From Within’

Photographer Katja Rupp presents photo expo Olivier Weiter at ADE

Olivier Weiter has become quite the phenomenon. The DJ and his strong personality, invariably strong performances and energetic sets caught the attention of photographer Katja Rupp. She followed him with her camera to several festivals last summer. This resulted in a unique series of portraits, to be viewed at AIR Amsterdam throughout the Amsterdam Dance Event. The photo expo can be seen during all club nights between October 15th till 19th, check their program here: www.air.nl

It was a long-cherished wish of Rupp to start a project like this. Already familiar with nightlife as the photographer from The Hague reported club events and festivals for years, she never took the time to go in depth with one subject. As soon as she got to know Olivier Weiter during her assignments for booking agency We Are E, the duo unknowingly kicked off the journey towards this series.

“He’s an interesting and grateful subject, a DJ with a story to tell”, says Rupp who followed Weiter past loads of his summer gigs, including festivals like Amsterdam Open Air, Shoeless, Gaasper Pleasure, Magneet Festival, Welcome To The Future and Mysteryland. “Every time we met up beforehand, we drove to the festival and left together, going to our homes or some afterparty. In total I’ve shot over three thousand pictures of him, it surely was a long and fascinating period in which a special friendship has grown.”

The story Rupp mentions is one of a human being with different faces. Olivier Weiter seems a laid back persona, almost inconspicuous, behind the decks he changes into a passionate agitator, an artist who knows how to connect with his audience like no other. “It definitely comes out from within”, Rupp articulates the exposition’s title. “On stage he lets himself go with some sort of magic he only exposes on such occasions.”

And occasions were there abundantly. On Shoeless for example, where Weiter performed twice this summer, both times as an enthralling closing act. “Right at the waterside of Ruigoord, I saw he fits there perfectly and where all this chemistry he has with the dance floor comes from.” Or at Amsterdam Open Air, where Weiter transferred his energy like no other at his own stage. Meanwhile Rupp caught these moments with her camera, resulting in a special series of impressions.

©Katja Rupp 2014

The photo expo ‘From Within’ is named after Olivier Weiter’s podcasts, There isn’t a better name thinkable to cover the theme as the DJ is presented in different guises through 17 specially selected images. The artist that he is, the man transforming into some sort of magician – is to be seen at Air Amsterdam during Amsterdam Dance Event, 15th – 19th of October. Check out Air’s program: www.air.nl

In short:
‘From Within’ – Portraits of DJ Olivier Weiter
Air Amsterdam – Accessible during club nights between October 15th – 19th
Check out Air’s program: www.air.nl

©Katja Rupp 2014