Phat Elephant Recordings proudly releases first EP

Phat Elephant Recordings is making a remarkable entrance to the music world as a brand new techhouse, house and minimal label from Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The premier release, called Yellow Can EP and produced by Roderik Flohil & Wietse Smit, will be available in over 300 online stores as from March 25th. Amsterdam’s Minibar (Prinsengracht 478) is hosting the release party that same date with a live performances of the producers.

Phat Elephant Recordings is announcing the premier release of their label. This first release is from the Dutch young producers Roderik Flohil & Wietse Smit. The ‘Yellow Can EP’ contains the tracks: Yellow Can, Ilperfunk and 5 voor 8. Release party is March 25th in Minibar, Prinsengracht 478, Amsterdam. As from then Yellow Can EP will be downloadable in online stores like BeatPort, iTunes, Junodownload, Amazonmp3, eMusic, Napster, Musicload, and 300+ other stores.

Roderik Flohil & Wietse Smit
Roderik Flohil & Wietse Smit started mixing records a long time ago. Discovering that they had the same taste in music, their friendship grew. Over the years their interest in music styles changed, but as true friend they would always inspire each other. In the year 2006 Roderik Flohil & Wietse Smit decided to produce music together, mixing all influences they came across the years before. They have released tracks previously on Bla Bla Records before joining the Phat Elephant family.

Phat Elephant Recordings
Phat Elephant Recordings is a record label started to provide chances to young and talented producers, not forgetting about the experienced veterans house music knows today. Phat Elephant Recordings is related to Phat Elephant DJ Bookings, home to international renowned dj’s and producers like Yakuza, Rainer Trueby, Marino Berardi, Alican & Soner and many more. All share the same love of music. All share being part of the Phat Elephant family.

Meer info in de social media press release.